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What do you hope to do by refinancing?

Lower my payment
Cash Out
Shorter Term

How Does a Refinance Work?

What is your goal?

Is your goal to reduce your monthly payment or pull cash out of your equity for home improvements or debt consolidation? Are you looking to get a better interest rate or refinance to a shorter term that pays your loan off faster? We can help you decide which loan gets you to your goal.

What documents do I need?

Standard documentation for a home loan refinance includes information regarding your income such as recent pay stubs and W-2s, asset information such as bank statements and current loan information such as your most recent mortgage statement.

What next?

Our team will coordinate all of the moving pieces to ensure your loan is moving through the process as quickly and effectively as possible. Once you are approved, we will schedule your loan closing appointment at a time that's convenient for you.

What happens at a refinance loan closing?

You will review and sign all your loan documents and then present a certified or cashier's check to pay the closing fees, unless you decided to finance the closing funds into your new loan. Then you head home and enjoy your new loan, without the hassle of unpacking boxes!

How we work

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